Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone's holiday season is merry and bright!

You probably noticed I'm not posting here that much these days. I do spend a lot of time on tumblr and facebook though. Hope to see y'all in 2014!!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

It's Inktober!

It's been a long break for me, but my family and I have finally settled into our new home. Now, to get back into the swing of things, time to plunge into Inktober! One ink drawing a day for the entire month. Glad to be back!!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Bear With Me

Celebrate Friday with a stupid joke!

I guess these guys are a thing now.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Style Test

Playing with some digital screentones. Trying to develop a style for a comic I'm working on.

Lemme know what you think!

Friday, June 14, 2013

On Time Management

Hey, blogger-town. I'm spending more and more time on tumblr these days. How about you folks? Where do you do most of your blogging?

Anyhow, this is a response to a question I got on tumblr. Thought some folks might find it interesting, so I'm reposting it here as well.

What a coincidence this question showed up in my ask box! I had just been discussing this with a few friends of mine the other day.
In his book Steal Like an Artist, Austin Kleon makes a pretty compelling case for being boring. Stay inside and get your work done! I totally recommend this book to everyone—it is full of wonderful ideas…that I have stolen.
Keep in mind that the above advice is my ideal—it’s what I’m striving for, not necessarily what I’m always achieving. But it is always there to remind me of what my goal is, how I really want to be spending my time.
As a matter of personal preference, I like to take “me time” when I am not infringing upon any of my other priority relationships. This usually means me time is when the rest of my family is asleep. I think that’s pretty common behavior for most artists. I try not to stay up late, but rather to get up early to do art projects. It’s super hard to do, but it feels great to start my day with a burst of creative energy (rather than end my day with that burst, and then not be able to fall asleep at 3 am because I’m so pumped about a comic I’m doing.)
Hope some of these thoughts help. Like Mr. Kleon states in his book, most of this advice is autobiographical. I’m learning too. Happy schedule-making to everyone!
(PS, you should know that answering tumblr questions is a planned part of my schedule, and I will eventually get to all of you. My ask box is pretty backed up at the moment, but I have your messages and you have my apologies!)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Real life conversation with my soon-to-be 3-year-old daughter.

I am a wimp when it comes to pretending.

Friday, May 24, 2013


My son had his first lesson in heartbreak this week when his preschool ended. He loved that school, but it couldn’t go on forever.
It’s an important life lesson to have—after all, everything comes to an end eventually. As a dad, watching him grow up and learn this lesson was kind of bittersweet.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Jake Parker's Spaceskull (and Other Drawings)

Y'all dudes know Jake Parker, right? Comics genius extraordinaire? Well, he's launched a kickstarter to print a book of his beautiful ink sketches--and you should get a piece of that action!

Looking at other artists' sketches is part of what keeps us all inspired, so get yourself some inspiration. If you don't, Spaceskull will probably decimate your home planet with his laser beam.

And if grainy gifs aren't your thing, here's a high-res version on vimeo

Jake Parker's Spaceskull from Anthony Holden on Vimeo.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Thursday, May 16, 2013

How to Get a Job in Animation

You dudes are on tumblr too, right?

This was in response to a question I got on my tumblr (which you can find here).

What are studios looking for? How can I get into a good animation school? What should I be studying?

I get a lot of these types of questions now and again, and I never know how to answer them. I can't be sure of what studios are looking for, I don't control admissions policies to schools, and I have little idea what makes for a current and relevant curriculum. There are a lot of variables in your bid for a career in animation, and it's kind of impossible to control most of them. You must be crazy to want this job!

I find it helpful to focus on the things I can control. Among those things are your study habits and how you spend your personal time. It's good to work hard and have goals—without them we would get nowhere. Study hard and make decisive strides towards achieving your art goals. But in the heat of that pursuit, don't forget to go out and live your life!

If you spend any amount of time looking at artists online, you've probably figured out by now that there are about a million dudes and dudettes in internetville who draw better than you (I relive this realization daily). Once your have done your best to rise to their level, the only tool you have to compete with these crazy talents is your background, your personal character—is you!

Consider developing your whole self with the same raw focus and intensity that you develop a particular skill set. Get focused. Go out, have adventures. Run, jump, skin your knee, fall in love, root loudly for the away team at a baseball game, barely escape a crash of stampeding rhinos, live to see another day. Experience things big and small. Go for a walk. The world is full of wonders.

I know this advice is not particularly animation-specific, but maybe that's for the best. At any rate, it is something I feel strongly about. Animation is great, and there are few things that I enjoy doing more than drawing and storytelling. But in order to have stories to tell, first you have to live them.

Be good, and see you soon!

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