Wednesday, July 29, 2009

While we're at it

This was a sketch that began, I think, in January and then promptly got lost somewhere inside my computer. While I was doing some spring cleaning (I know I'm a little late), I found it and finished it.
If you're curious, it happens to be of a professor of mine, Darl Larsen, who (among other things) teaches a History of Animation course at Brigham Young University (where I attend school). We had a running contest wherein every week a number of students would decide on a topic and draw Darl according to the confines we set. The image above is from "Cap'n Darl" week; I will spare you the results of "Darl-ene" week. If you're really curious (and of a steady constitution), you can ask Jake.
Okay. Now I'm really off for vacation...seriously. Before we miss our flight.
Be well!


Our family is off to do a little summer vacationing in Washington to visit my wife's parents. But before we go, I thought I'd leave a few sketches and the like--in case you wanted new stuff to look at until we get back. I'm scheduled to go backpacking with my father in law for a few days, but apparently Seattle area is having record heat right now so it will hardly be a respite from Utah. Oh well, I'm excited to see some new terrain and, with any luck, do some wilderness sketching while we're out.
Have a great week, everyone, and be safe!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Everything is an Experiment

Dear Everyone,
Please pardon the paucity of postings in the recent past. I've been busy with work and animating (but mostly work)--which is good, because I'm trying to make sure I don't have to work during the school year.
I notice it's been about a month since I posted last, so I'm posting highlights from last month's sketchbookery. Think of it as an apology with a gift. Can we kiss and make up?
(In lieu of posting a million individual images, I've put a lot of little sketches into larger compositions--just click on any of the images below to magnify and get a better look.)
Thanks for stopping by!

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