Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ye Olde Sketches

Digging through sketchbooks, I found some old stuff that I never posted. I still think this is funny.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

An Answer

So, I know many of you have been losing a lot of sleep over Tuesday's riddle...
"What has two horns, a wooden leg, and a super-cooled nuclear core?"

And while you probably figured out the answer on your own, I'm going to give it to you again here:


Now, for further clarification, some images for your perusal.

[Fig. 1] Regular Goat Pirates (notice the conspicuous lack of cool android limbs)

[Fig. 2] This is an example of a pretty standard Robot Goat Pirate:

[Fig. 3] Dada as a Robot Goat Pirate. (Left image, according to Sawyer's imagination; right image, according to my own estimations)

[Fig. 4] Assorted other Robot Goat Pirates. (Seriously, I couldn't stop drawing these for an entire week.)

For Further Study: I'm pretty sure that THIS and THIS are both results of the same idea-generation process that produced Robot Goat Pirates.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A True-life Mystery

A riddle, dear readers.

What has two horns, a wooden leg, and a super-cooled nuclear core?

Feel free to think about it long and hard--but if you need help solving this riddle, allow me to elucidate with the following clues.

CLUE # 1: The Costume Shop.

In our town of Provo, there is a certain costume shop on Center street that always has scantily-clad mannequins displayed in the windows. One day, while Allison and Sawyer were walking by said shop...


CLUE # 2: The Storybook.

One day, while innocently reading a picture book together...


Clue # 3: The Screensaver Slideshow.

And again, one morning while Sawyer was watching our family photos go by on the slideshow...


Something the matter, honey?


How certain are you that I'm Sawyer's father?

These are, of a truth, how events unfolded.
So, have you guessed the answer to the riddle?

[Addendum: Sawyer has moved from the habit of pointing at seemingly random things and saying "Dada," to the habit of pointing at seemingly random things and saying "Not Dada." For instance, the other day he brought me a book from our shelf and, while pointing proudly to the cover image of a weathered and bearded Walt Whitman, exclaimed "NOT DADA!" He followed this by further explaining to me that Mr. Whitman is also "Not Jesus" and "Not Santa."]
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