Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Doodle Book: Post 2

First of all, BIG TIME THANK YOU to everyone who left comments on the first Doodlebook Post. I'm glad you like the doodles; I feel like they are a good critical thinking exercise, blah blah blah...but mostly they are just fun to do.

Our family will be out of town on vacation until next week, so I'm putting up the next round of doodles now, instead of waiting will there are a million more to post. We'll be doing family stuff in the Seattle area, but hopefully I'll be able to sneak away during nap time to do a few doodles while we're there!

15 June

15 June and 16 June

16 June and 17 June

17 June

17 June and 18 June

19 June

20 June and 21 June

In other good news, we have a WINNER from last time's raffle! Dear Winner (revealed in the video below, starring my adorable son), please email or Facebook me your street address so that you may claim your doodle.



By the by, a number of people have expressed interest in buying prints of Doodlebook pages. I'm looking in to getting a print shop set up so prints can be purchased easily online, from the comfort of your own home where you browse the internet in your unmentionables. But that will have to wait until I'm back from vacation. Meanwhile, safe pajama-browsing, everyone!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Calligraphy ink on an old music book, acrylics added after class.

Pirate costumes yesterday in Dave Pimentel's gesture class...which was perfect for me, 'cause I'm on a One Piece kick lately.

PS, Rad was ON FIRE yesterday, so sitting next to him didn't make me feel very good.

PPS, the Doodlebook winner has been selected and will be announced tomorrow! Enter again on the morrow's post.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day

You don't have to follow this blog for very long to know that being a dad is the best part of my life. I had a great day yesterday, thanks to my wonderful family--and most of all thanks to my beautiful wife, Allison, without whom I could never have known the joy of being a daddy.

Here are a few excerpts from recent weeks. Being a dad is the greatest adventure I've been on yet!

PS, there are more Doodle Book drawings coming up soon, so if you haven't yet, leave a comment on the post below to enter yourself in the doodle-giveaway raffle (no boxtops required)! We'll be picking the winner tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Doodle Book: Post 1

Dudes and Dudettes of Bloggerville,

Welcome to my doodle book! On the 31st of May, I committed to a daily doodle, with the idea in mind that I would be posting all of them here--the wins and the losses (since it seemed inevitable that there would be a little bit of both).

I like sitting down to a drawing and having no idea of what I want to make. I believe in doodling, in drawing for fun, in staring a drawing with no agenda, in letting a line or a shape tell me what it wants to be and then letting something happen. Be warned, fellow adventurers, this method doesn't yield consistent results (as you may note below). But it's liberating not to have to drive all the time. Some of the drawings below I don't even like, but I feel like I've made some cool discoveries and stumbled upon drawings that I wouldn't have made otherwise.

I'll keep posting all the pages until I fill up the whole sketchbook, and we'll see if this takes us someplace interesting (or regrettable). Only time and a little ink will tell!

*Also I've decided it would be cool to do a little raffle every time I make a Doodle Book post. So please leave comments below, and I'll select a name at random to send an original doodle to. Everyone likes free prizes, right? Comment away, and an experimental (and possibly failed) doodle could be making its way to you post haste! *

Anyways, I hadn't intended for this to get so long-winded. On to the doodles!

19 May and 29 May

31 May and 1 June

1 June (landscape)

1 June and 2 June

3 June

4 June

4 June

5 June

6 June and 7 June

7 June and 8 June

8 June

9 June

9 June (landscape)

10 June

11 June

12 June

13 June

14 June

14 June

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer Summer Summer

First of all, can I just say that I'm glad I have such talented friends? I've been having so much fun making these little animated gifs, but I probably wouldn't have thought to do so if I hadn't first seen THIS, THIS, THIS, and THIS. Go BYU Animation.

Also, I'd like to mention how much I love happy accidents. When I was playing with the gif render settings in After Effects, cool stuff like this pixelation kept happening.


I suppose this is a more faithful reproduction of the original Flash swf file, with a little added grain from the compression.


Anyway, with a bit of luck, I hope I can find more free time to keep making some of these little do-dads 'cause they're pretty fun.

Summer responsibly, everyone!

And, for interested parties, a little playlist of some summery tunes...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bike Advocacy


When left to my own devices, I think of things like this. If I've ever glossed over during a conversation with you, THIS may have been the very thing that was crossing my mind.


Playing around with some animated loops.

...and for those who like to bigify, full screen this (please).

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