Thursday, August 20, 2009

PCC Animation

It's not very often that I am allowed to post work-related stuff here (or even that I'd want to post some of what I do for pay), but this is a cool opportunity to share something.
A few months ago I was hired as an animator to help create a handful of animated short pieces to be played in conjunction with a live stage show at the Polynesian Cultural Center in O'ahu, Hawaii. The new show is called Ha, Breath of Life, and plays nightly (excluding Sundays) at the Center. (Click on the link to learn more about the show.) It's kind of cool to have been part of a project like this that gets such frequent and comparatively broad exposure.
The link above is, from what I can tell, taken (likely unauthorized) from the handheld of a tourist who went to see the show. You can watch quite a bit of the show, but the animation starts at around 1:15 in to the clip. Unfortunately, the coolest animation is further in to the show, and I haven't seen any of it surface on the web yet, so I guess this gives everyone an excuse to go to Hawaii! (You should be thanking me.)

Also, as with all work of this sort, a number of drafts were gone through before we got to a final product, so I can post here some of my animation that was rejected in favor of stuff that was less fun. Alas.

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