Monday, May 26, 2008

Journal update!

At the request of many viewers, I will continue to post pictures of our incredibly cute baby.
There's something about cute sleeping babies that's so cute and sleepy.

And this week in the life of the Holdens, more silly stuff!
And I'm serious about the pudding thing, too. If you're a real chocoholic, you can double up fudgesicles and chocolate pudding, or to mix things up try it with butterscotch pudding.


Audrey Gayle said...

Nice new blog! Keep me posted on the process of this ghibli adventure- that would be just amazing! I believe in you! ganbatteeeee!

Laura said...

ahahaha. You're awesome, Anthony. SO awesome.

Jake said...

I can't believe I take my lifestyle and health cues from the inventor of the puddingcicle.

Y'know, the real glory and splendor of those journal entries is that they provide an honest and clear window into how you view the world. Now, I'm going to ask you a favor tomorrow... and I WILL have chocolate.

Clairictures said...

Anthony, your journals are so hilarious!

Ty Carter said...

Cute Baby

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