Friday, September 19, 2008


This happened to me today.


Laura said...

That's like an Engrish sign! Haha.
It must be because you speak Japanese. :P
Way to take advantage of innocent miscommunications.

M.R. Weaver said...

This is GREATNESS. Oh Anthony. When will you ever learn? Public urination is generally frowned upon.

iyouandme said...

hey anth. I want your comic book if you're still selling it for $5.


Jake Wyatt said...

Have you been using elevators in Reno? 'Cause that would explain so much.

Aaron said...

These would totally save so much time.

Jed said...

the thought balloon panel is genius. I love how it goes up off the frame, so we can't really tell what he's thinking until he does it. Nicely implied, and then carried out.

Was there a sign: "Restroom
Stairs "

when we went to that old abandoned hotel?

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