Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Contest!

So, as everyone knows, with today's computers you can do basically anything. As we saw in the recent blockbuster sensation The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, computers can make Brad Pitt look like an old man or a baby.
Given these incredible leaps in technology, I've contacted Digital Domain (the effects house responsible for the amazing computer graphics that allow us to know what Brad Pitt will look like in 30 years) and they have agreed to produce a feature length film about our son Sawyer's first year of life.
It's a really fortunate multimillion dollar deal that basically guarantees that I will be able to draw cartoons for the rest of my life, since I obviously won't be worrying about money any more.
The only really tricky part now is that we have to settle on an actor who will portray Sawyer in the film. This is where you come in--place your votes in the comments section (a special bonus prize to anyone who can name all of the candidates, spelling their names correctly)!











Of course, you know, I realize that many of the potential stars of this film are either long since passed, or on their way out (or in and out of jail), but you're forgetting one thing:

Computers can do anything.

Now cast your vote...because the one thing computers can't do is win this contest.


Claire Gordon said...

Anthony, you are HYSTERICAL.
I cast my vote for number 9!

Anonymous said...

That was pretty hilarious. Number 20 all the way.

Larry Lewis said...

Unquestionably, it's Russell Crowe (#3). Just look at their eyes.

Jed said...

I love the one of Nick Nolte's DUI. Perfect.

Aaron Ludwig said...

Ron Howard is my favorite (but it woulda been better if you did him without the hat!).
Sorry, can't name all of `em.

CoyoteLion said...

Hah! You crack me up. Definitly Nick Nolte or Russell Crow. Your kid has a vast array of future look alikes.

Nick said...

Let me first off say that Sawyer is going to make his cousin jealous with all that hair...assuming she is going to take after Jenna in the early years.
Here goes:
1. The hardest one of all ... Robert Taylor.
2. Nick Nolte
3. Russell Crowe
4. Clint Eastwood
5. Leonardo DiCaprio
6. Johnny Ramone. You would pick him.
7. Ron Howard
8. Yul Brynner
9. Chris Farley
10. Salvador Dali

Now what do I win for cheating?

Jenna said...

thank you for distracting nick from studying. we honestly looked at this for a long time- scrolling up and down and laughing over again. and again. oh sawyer, what a little character. ps ask wifey to please put up pics from CA on the other blog.

Dave said...

I'm pretty sure that #1 is really Vincent Price.
2. Nick Nolte
3. Russel Crowe
4. Clint Eastwood
5. Leonardo DeCaprio
6. Dee Dee Ramone (You DID learn something from me!)
7. Ron Howard
8. Yul Brynner (It's a nice Ten Commandments shot)
9. Chris Farley
10. The eyes and the mustache make me want to say Salvador Dali, but I can't find a corroborating pic online... Very sneaky my friend.

Jake Wyatt said...

I vote for Yul. But I'm thinking more Magnificent Seven Yul. With the black vest...

Josh H. Black said...

Salvador Dali and Russel Crow are my top 2. If I had to narrow it down even further I would have to go with Dali.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Anthony, you are such a genius. I vote for the Pharoah. King Sawyer looks like he could wack a few bad guys with just a glance.

ps: I did not see #20. Did I miss 10 more?

Elana said...

I vote for Nick Nolte. He's got the hair and he definitely could use all the computer and mental health) help he can get. Perhaps he'll straighten up and fly right...or at least avoid jail and very bad mug shots!

Chelsea Stebar said...

Russell Crowe. Definitely.

Anonymous said...

There aren't 20, I'm just lame.

Rachel said...

In lieu of voting, I will say that the Sawyer in #4 might be better portrayed by Haley Joel Osment.

Just sayin'.

Tyler (characters N' sketches) said...

that's great!!!!!

Maria Roos said...

I want to ask for permission to use a animated photo wich I believe you have done? I´ve linked to this site and written "Link to the copyright "man" below the pic.

U can se it on this site:


And if you have any problems with this I will immedietly remove it.


The Knighton Fam said...

Oh my goodnessssssssss! I LOL'd at #2, but Russell and Leo were pretty hilarious, too. I miss you guys!

Tyson Murphy said...

anthony is cool. and his baby is cooler.

Ron Jensen said...

Anthony, you may be the most freaky creative person ever.

Scarlet Verdeja said...

im going to have to go with four.. your kid is gorgeous! and so big now! crazy!

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