Friday, September 18, 2009

School and Sketches

Some sketches from the beginning of school. Mostly, I animate all day...sometimes I go to other classes. When that happens, I draw people--you know, to stay loose for animating.
With any luck I'll be able to put up some stuff from the film I'm working on soon. For now, on to the sketches! Hope you enjoy!

A military dude from a Japanese class.

Ben Jensen is a super stud (see above).
Some dudette from a class I'm in.

When I doodle in Japanese class, sometimes I try different things like this below. Perhaps this is because I'm paying more attention to the analysis of syntax and morphology, which takes my mind off the technical aspects of drawing and allows my brush to wander. Anyway, I thought this one was pretty fun.

Also, I found an acorn today. It had a cool shell thingy too. Below, I've attempted to diagram the acorn cycle (like the water cycle, but only with acorns). PS, if you're wondering why the girl below has too many eyes, it's because I messed up, but I still liked the drawring...which is okay. sometimes we mess up.


Jared Scott Greenleaf said...

Anthony these are sweet. Thinking about Peep Show your stories are so sore-in-the-chest funny; these sketches make me want to see you do something dramatic (or even sci-fi dramatic when I look at military dude).

Jeff C said...
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Jeff C said...

Great sketches (as always). And your film is awesome (at least from the Animatic).

And do I spy some joshi and jodoushi?

(And the dubious look of me deleting my previous comment is awesome...)

Jake Wyatt said...

Your Sumi sketch looks pretty amano.

Will Strong said...

That acorn looks like a scary creature that would eat your finger if it had the chance. Nice.

Jed said...

you're moving in a great direction with your linework and your design sense. This stuff is fabulous.

Chelsea Stebar said...

I <3 your scribbly way of drawing clothing. It makes me happy inside.

Josh H. Black said...

That moon scape is frickin awesome! The looseness and rythmic organic quality to it makes it sing to my soul

Ty Carter said...

Awesome Anthony! These are beautiful sketches, I can't wait to see your short!

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