Friday, January 14, 2011

Fanart Friday: Rocky and Bullwinkle


The Cramping of Frostbite Falls


On Pins and Needles

I was listening to a podcast on acupuncture while drawing this...

My thanks to J. Ward, Bill Scott, and a host of others for making my childhood.
Also, to my mother-in-law for getting me the complete collection for Christmas. :)


Aaron Ludwig said...

This is awesome. My favorite part is the two-title thing. I never understood that as a kid.

Michael Mercer said...

Thank you Anthony's mother-in-law. :) I didn't know the complete collection came pre-installed on its own black and white, color tv...

JAKE said...

GREAT delivery, Anthony. Clever, as always.

I bought a big ol' dvd set of Rocky and Bullwinkle in High School. I was all excited, and went to watch it at the house of the girl I was dating. The girl was NOT into it, and made me choose between them and her.

I succumbed to the power of love. I ditched the girl, went home, and made a night of it with my box set. It was good times.

Will Strong said...

There exists a "complete collection?" I think I must have it.

I love the retro TV too. Nice.

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