Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dear Inktober,

According to some of my internet pals, there is a drawing event called Inktober happening all month long!  I feel silly to have spent all summer doing something that I should have waited until now to do.

In other, related news, all of the summer doodles are at an end now--a number of them are up for sale on my Tumblr HERE.  Hope you like what you see!

Meanwhile, with any luck, there will be more comics up soon.  Take luck, all!


Jeff C said...

Masterful work as always! These sketches sure are inspiring!

NAN-EE said...

I'm so glad I can follow you here and on dA! Your tumblr is very nice as well! Love your works! So very great!

"TORI CAT" said...

Im a big fan of your work!
I loe your blog!
Great stuff like always dude!!
Good luck with your sketch book run! :)
You may have read on my blog that i am also in the process of developing my first sketch book too.
It's the first time i have ever compiled all my artwork together and sold them as a book. Iv been selling prints of my work for the last year or so now at festivals such as SDCC, CTNX and have had an incredible response to it. So because of all the positive feedback i have had from selling prints and doing commissions, that why i have decided to make my first book.
Will you be selling it at any festivals? CTNX in November? I'll be (Hopefully) selling my book for the first time there. Its a great expo. If you are gunna be there it will be great to meet you. We cud exchange books :)
All the best and good luck!!
Look forward to seeing it!!
Thanks for sharing!
Best wishes,
Tori Cat

"TORI CAT" said...

PS, hope all my rambling there makes sense!! ?? hee hee :P

Adam Temple said...

Love your drawings sir! My favorite it the mummy robot all pleased with her baby frying his first mouth-breather. lols

boooo said...

i love your drawings
how could i buy one of your sketches? and how much are they?


Anthony Holden said...


Thanks so much for the kind words! The link to purchase a sketch is riiight...


Thanks again!

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