Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Nearly Naked Look at Wednesday's Gestures

I like the idea of honesty.

We have gesture drawing classes frequently at work, and I do my best to make it when I can because I feel like it keeps me honest and fresh in my drawing.  Below you'll see almost every drawing I did on Wednesday at the most recent session.

Sometimes I like to draw big--on the newsprint or whatever--but often I'm torn, because I also like to keep my drawings bound so I can reference them later.  All these drawings were done in medium sized sketchbooks with 0.5mm Uniball Roller pens (a personal favorite).  The tone is a Dixon Ticonderoga Carbon Black Lumber Crayon, which I added after class.  You know, for kicks.

I want to post more on sketchbooking later, so expect a post from me again soon.  There will be prizes (because I love giving things away), so drop a line and say hello.

Class starts with one minute warm-ups.

After I killed an ancient spiral-bound sketchbook from 2008 (finally!), I switched to my recently handmade Lucky Charms book

Then we do a bunch of two minute poses.

We soon grow weary of this, and switch back to one minute poses to end class.

An impromptu dance party ensues.

Class wraps up after the dance party dies down (this takes awhile).  Then I get to go back to my office and draw some more.

True story.


Chris Hong said...

these are lovely 8D

Piper said...

It's funny how fast sketching comes back to you. After eleven years of not picking up a sketchbook and pencil I finally did this last fall and I was shocked. Proportions were all wrong for the first several attempts but then it all came back into focus. SO FUN. I love it!

Plus, not much beats an impromptu dance party. :)

Spencer Hawkes said...

great stuff anthony. Also thanks for the sketchbook making info a bit ago. I've been hanging onto a torn up 101 Dalmatians hardback wondering what I could use the covers for. Now I know!

Stu Livingston said...

I'm impressed at how "Anthony" your drawings get after the first set of warmups! Your page compositions are lookin niiiice :D

Junko Miyakoshi said...

Hey Anthony :)
Great sketches as usual!
I like your line works and NIIIIICE on the Japanese texts here and there ;)
Very impressive!
Looking forward to more posts!


Jorge Ribeiro said...

This is so inspirational ! Thank you sooo much for posting!!!

Rochelle Burrows said...

I love these so much. So much life

Carrie Liao said...

Oh, I like what Stu said! I agree!

And from now on I'm going to use that..."Oh, today my drawings look so Anthony"

Kendra Melton said...

Ooo these are so full of life. love them!!

Brant Moon said...

These look spiffin, bro!

Petronbamega3 said...

I feel like any verbal contribution would be letter jumbo, if only for one I would entertain a unibal dance party with my hand romancing a sketchbook, impossible... Antonihah, saweetness

L ROSSI said...

Nice to see your croquis! n.n

Michaele Razi said...

These are wonderful!

Bob Logan said...





Madeline K. Rupard said...

Anthony, finally! These hips are fantastic. I wish there was an app to draw figures like this. You just got a serious white person compliment, which should appease at least one side of your heritage.

Tyler (characters N' sketches) said...

super duper anthony

Céline said...

Great great sketches full of life!

Chris Palmer said...

Your talent is endless!

Mirko said...

This makes me learn to draw so much! If only I could get the courage and the patience and overcome frustration!

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