Friday, September 14, 2012

Comics!! (in an easily digestible anthology)

Hey, everybody!  Remember that time when my family moved to Portland, and then I never posted any more drawings ever again?  Well that time is through!  Here are some drawings of a comic I've been working on.  Some friends and I have put a comics anthology together.  If you dig, you can support us on Kickstarter HERE.

Thanks, and I hope to get back to posting regularly again soon!!


James Bourne said...

Dude, I'm way excited to see your comic!!! It looks like Hugo Pratt and Quentin Blake got together to make a Lupin the Third comic.

Liz B said...

chh, you do these things just to make me cry! I know most of you guys and you tempt me to get it you maniacle (sp) genious'. I still have "Peep Show" from waaaay back. :P

James said...

Alright! Welcome back I hope your move went well. I'm super excited to see your new stuff!

GhettoFab said...

sweet stuff!

Really dig that top guy

Great kikstarter project

Johannes Scribbles said...

I just found your Blog. Phenomenal drawings! I especially like your sketchbook drawings :D

Mike Bear said...

sooo good.

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