Wednesday, July 30, 2008


When there's this much of it, I don't know what to title the post.
First, a new comic!

Then, approximately one million sketches.
These are from church and Cub scout day camp.
More sketches from church, in my fancy new Fabriano sketchbook with tone paper...even though I haven't gotten around to capitalizing on the coolness of the paper yet. I wanna do some washes with white highlights, but we'll see when I get to that.
Here's the last stuff from the most recent sketchbook I killed.
And some sketches from Comic-con and Sea World (which I had never been to before). We (not just I...since I was part of a larger group) got to meet basically all of my favorite artists from Disney and Pixar (except Enrico...but that'll have to wait till APE, I guess). Also among the comics/animation industry people we got to meet were Powerpuff Girls and Foster's creator, Craig McCracken and Understanding Comics' Scott McCloud--radical!! In additional news, our comic, Peep Show, was really well received by all the people we traded with (and, lucky you, it's still available for purchase in the sidebar of this very blog). Scott Morse and Paul Briggs even traded their totally rad sketchbooks! Thanks, you guys!
As if there weren't enough going on, Jake and I started playing an eye-spy sketching game. Basically, you pick a person out of the crowd and then make up a story about them. Here are some of the results of our game.

Then, while I was on the plane, I was pretty excited about the game so I played all by my lonesome--it was still pretty fun, though!


M.R. Weaver said...

Margaret... Thatcher?
Man, I LOVE these sketches! What a fun game! We should do that for Wednesday night sketching. :)

Clairictures said...

These are awesome, Anthony! I'm jealous that you got to meet all of those incredible artists.
And Peep Show is awesome as well! But I must admit that is was quite cruel to have a cliffhanger at the end, and I'm curious to know what happens next

Laura said...

Ahahaha, I love this blog. :) I'm glad you survived the pterodactyl abduction.
Sounds like Comic-Con was awesome! I super jealous of your networking successes too.
Also -- where's my Peep Show?!

Chelsea Stebar said...

I totally love the stuff from the "most recent sketchbook you killed." Especially that guy with the tall hair and extravagant stubble. The whole thing is such an agreeable pile of sketchery.

And you should definitely color your comics more often. It heightens the awesome factor by at least 3-and-a-half fold.

Jake said...

What adventures you've been having!

bigteddyt said...

if you published all of your comic in a book, i'm telling you, it would be in and out of my amazon shopping cart... one day i would eventually buy it... unless someone else had it, then i would just borrow it. but i would definitely read it.

Will Strong (that's who) said...

I love the bit on cooing. How did you ever escape from the clutches of such evil prehistoric creatures?

rabidmilkman said...

Great stuff, Anthony. Those pterodactyls have "silent P" written all over them.

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