Thursday, October 30, 2008

A freaky green dude

So, Halloween is nearly upon us, and here are some recent sketches.
I love the trumpet--it's just an awesome instrument with so much soul. I had lotsa fun with this sketch, so I'm hoping to make some time to do a little more with it later on. We'll see. With any luck I can make some time this weekend.

Today, we watched Charlie Chaplin's City Lights in our character animation class. After watching the boxing scene, I couldn't quit thinking about how tough-looking those dudes in the ring were, so I spent my next class period doodling this:

And (in case you thought I'd forgotten), I've upped the ante once more in our pre-halloween freak out fest. Feast your peepers on this beauty:
Yep. "Shrek the Halls limited edition shampoo." Okay, we all know that straight to video/dvd releases are lower in quality, so I'm not here to tell you about how horrifying I think that cinematic trainwreck will be. After all, straight to video releases are about making money for studios so they can produce more cinematic releases later on--and we've all probably done paid work that wasn't up to our artistic standards to help make ends meet.
What's really scary (and nonsensical) to me is the idea of Shrek selling shampoo. Shrek is a bald ogre, and the most hair we ever see on him (thankfully) is his eyebrows...which are admittedly kind of bushy, but hardly warrant the use of a buble gum scented shampoo/conditioner combo. Anyway, here's to Suave for cooking up this pre-halloween's weirdest surprise.
I hope you're all excited for Halloween, and that you get a ton of candy! May strange, inexplicable and sugary things happen to you and your loved ones this year!


Jed Henry said...

First to comment! Your trumpeter trumpets most enthusiastically, Anthonio. I love the movement. Not a dull inch in this sketch.

Watch what you say about Shrek shampoo. For some of us it might be the highlight of the holidays.


Laura said...

That is....incredibly odd. Why wouldn't it have Fiona on the front? Or Puss'n'boots? Or Prince Charming? They have pretty hair.

Plus...since when was Shrek an example of any kind of hygiene? From the very beginning he's bee promoting dirt, grime, and all nastiness.

Just another example of Dreamworks' mixed messages.

The other two sketches are awesome though! Especially the trumpeter. And thanks for bringing City Lights! It was fantastic.

Josh H. Black said...

That trupmeter is absolutely fantastic! Love the energy and vibrancy of his gesture and the line. Wow!

The Rabidmilkman said...

Props on giving your trumpeter some real soul. There's certainly a free-flowing, jazzy sense to that piece. Awesome!
If they ever DO make shampoo for eyebrows (like Shrek's), hopefully it's "tear-free".

M.R. Weaver said...

Magical floating dog end!


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