Thursday, October 16, 2008

Upping the Stakes

As promised, more scary stuff for Halloween month. This week's offering (slightly scarier than imitation pasteurized process cheese food): a home DNA paternity testing kit.
Do we seriously live in a time and place where this type of kit is commonly needed around the house?

In other news, monkeys are awesome.

And in further additional news, I am (making an attempt at) animating Roger from 101 Dalmatians. I know treading where Brother Kahl carved the definitive path is risky business, but I figured it will be an intense challenge that I stand to learn a lot from. Here are some thumbnails of Roger dancing, and below, a key frame from an upcoming animation.

Also, here's the mom design from the children's story that I'm currently illustrating. Matronly, don't you think?


Jed said...

Roger is looking good - If he's any bit as good as your other stuff, I'd say he'll turn out all right.

And home Paternity tests are a good idea- they'll free up our court system to a considerable degree. :)

One time my dad had a paternity case where two twin teenage boys had sex with the same teenage girl on the same night. At that time, DNA testing wasn't precise enough to tell between twins. There was a stalemate until one of the twins said he wanted to be the father.

Jed said...

Oh and they did it on a trampoline. My dad made a joke during the hearing that he hopes "It's a bouncing baby boy." My dad's kind of irreverent like that.

Laura said...

AHH! That's so terrible! That cheese really was just a warm-up. Oh, world. What has become of you?

I agree. Monkeys ARE awesome. :)

As is your Roger.

And your matronly design. Is this a story you wrote or you're just illustrating?

Clairictures said...

I can't even say how excited I am to see your Roger animation! Besides Pongo, Roger is my favorite character from 101 Dalmations. Good luck and I can't wait to see it!

Jenna said...

i like the saggy boobs.

The Rabidmilkman said...

I like the Roger keyframe. That's a very strong gesture! I can't wait to see the finished product.
That home paternity test kit is a tragedy. It's gonna put daytime talk shows out of business.

Ron Jensen said...

cool stuff. I like the monkey man.

Kory Hubbell said...

neither of my dogs look anything like me, so i tried to make sharon take a paternity test. she just wouldn't have it. i guess i'll just have to accept them as my own.

that monkey makes me jealous and stuff.
i love you brother holden.

Scarlet Verdeja said...


Alina Chau said...

Love the drawings!

C.B. Canga said...

really awesome work here on this blog. fantastic job.

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