Saturday, March 21, 2009

Talk Is Cheap

I've been gabbing on and on about how I was gonna post some sketches.
Well, here they are.

A pal of mine, Becca

Kindergarteners from campus--BYU actually has a pretty great elementary education major, and as one of the perks, there is a kindergarten class that meets in a little classroom on campus. Anyone who's feeling sneaky is allowed to watch them from behind one of those secret mirrors. A bunch of classmates and I went to observe and sketch for inspiration for our film (since the main character is a little girl).

When I get stuck designing, one of my crutches is to put characters into a card game. Go figure.

Also, I haven't been to the gesture drawing session in forever it feels like. These are from today--ranging from 30 secs - 2 mins.

Hope you enjoy! Also, hopefully I'll be getting some more wokr done this weekend so that I can have more fun stuff to show you early next week. Till then, weekend responsibly!


Laura said...

Yay sketches!
Beautiful, as usual.
I like Becca's caricature a lot.
And the card game. That's what the actors do when they're off set. :)

The Rabidmilkman said...

Very nice, Anthony. Who knew you were actually getting in some drawing during all that conversation on Friday morn?

Jed said...

Great charcter in the first sketch, awesome card game, and BEAUTIFUL gestures!!!!

Giuseppe Ferrario said...

Love your art!

Jake Wyatt said...

good show!

jacks said...

great drawings!

Alina Chau said...

Great set of drawings!

Becky said...

These are awesome - love the croc :)

Guillaume said...

I like becca's sketch, very beautiful lines !!

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