Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Inspire Days at Disney Animation Studios

Some fellow BYU students and I had the opportunity last week to attend the Inspire Days event at Walt Disney Animation Studios. We got to tour the studios, sit in on panels and lectures, and have one-on-one portfolio reviews. Below, some sketches to document the trip:

Pictured above: some dudes at Disney (and some dudes not)...
(Clockwise from top left) Bruce Smith, superstar Disney Animator; Maurice Sendak, not currently at Disney; Bill Perkins, Designer; Paul Briggs, afraid of physical exhertion; Steve Hickner, looking like Gilbert Gottfried; Bill Caparella, clearly a distant cousin of Vincent Price; and Brigham Taylor with his doppelganger.

Spaceman doodles, cowboy doodles, girls with guns doodles.

We stayed at the Marriott hotel across from the Bob Hope Airport in Burbank; I took the opportunity to draw things that I don't usually get to see living in Utah...like espresso makers.


Tyson Murphy said...

ah man your steve hickner beats my steve hickner easily. :( wish i could've gone with you guys, but i'll play catch-up and do some portugualese sketches!

Ty Carter said...

Nice sketches Anthony! Love the Hickner sketch

Jake Wyatt said...

I love your spacemans.

Jon Davis said...

Great sketches, lovely movement.
I really like the spacemen :)

Chelsea Stebar said...

Steve Hickner wins. At life.

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