Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Pony Express of the Future!

The idea occurred to me that intergalactic space is measured in light years, but since the speed of light itself is such an abstract concept, the distance that light could travel in a calendar year is an unfathomable distance.
Now, if we measured how fast a pony could run in a year--that's a distance that I can actually compute in my teeny brain.
Therefore, I present you with The Intergalactic Pony Express: measuring intergalactic space at a speed that humanity is comfortable with (and delivering small to medium sized parcels across universes at a very competitive rate).


Matt said...

A space helmet for a pony? That's just too cute and too rad. Great stuff as usual man. Keep it comin'!

bigteddyt said...

wouldn't that be great if that's how far a light year was? i would definitely live on Bespin or maybe even Hoth in the summer. i think your drawring is fantastic.

- eric said...

rad. you are totally mixing up the styles lately. did you get a computer or something?

Will Strong (that's who) said...

Nice colors dude.

Benjamin said...

My sister would be rolling in her grave. But I'm more than ok with this concept.

The Knighton Fam said...

I will SO be using that service.

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