Thursday, August 14, 2008

A sketch walk...

So, we are kind of an exercising family; and tonight, when Allison went on a run in scenic, shady Rock Canyon (away from the scorching Utah sun), Sawyer and I walked through the adjoining neighborhood. Of course I had my sketchbook on me.
Although, I hadn't really calculated how short a sketch has to be before a baby starts to freak out, so these are pretty quick (5-ish minutes).

A house in the hills of Provo, where--quite unexpectedly--there are a lot of large and extravagant homes. We also walked by what I thought was a local community center/park that I found out is probably the house of Franklin Covey (a rich guy). This is one of the smaller but cuter houses in the neighborhood.
We also caught this cool view from our scenic sidewalk.

Out of the corner of my eye, I happened to see this strange shadow moving across a wooden fence...upon closer observation I realized that it was me--and that I must have looked pretty funny pushing a carriage with a baby strapped to my front-side, while sketching the mountains.
"Why would you have a baby strapped to your front when there's a perfectly good carriage to put him in?" you might ask (and you'd be justified in doing so). Well, Sawyer is very particular about his orientation to the ground, and he doesn't appreciate going downhill in a stroller...yep.

On a separate note, here are a few sketches from church.

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Clairictures said...

I love that first church sketch. And I love the light washes and tones of the mountain sketches. What kind of sketchbook were you using?

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