Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Work and Play

So, I'm in a crunch to meet an illustration deadline, but I was recently really inspired by an interview with Pascal Campion on the Character Design Blog.
Following his advice, I took a moment out of my work day to do a creative sketch. And here it is


Jake Wyatt said...

Sir, those hands are phenomenal.

Lel said...

Hey Anthony, I can't believe you checked out my blog! - I feel totally honored : ) not even my family can be bothered looking at it ^_^
As always your stuff is amazing - I love the feeding joke in your super baby comic, really good belly laugh : P I agree about Pascal, seriously inspiring - although I can't say I have time for personal sketches these days , as in ones just for fun... Everytime I try theres that little voice in my head thats just... "So where's your major work? got time for a sketch but not to visit your grandparents...interesting"
Any way, a real privilege for you to keep an eye on my progress, your comments/ criticisms are welcomed any time : )

Anonymous said...

awesome sir.

- eric said...

who the F drew this?

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