Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ballet and Other Adventures (with Cute Baby bonus material)

Spring semester tends to be a lot more relaxed--having a leisurely snack and stroll between classes.
At BYU we have this groovy Foreign Language Lounge/Center where there is a kitchen and a social area with fireplaces. There are also a bunch of TVs showing stations from around the world. I like to watch NHK while eating lunch sometimes. After drawing this with my trusty Pilot Parallel pen (which I discovered a couple weeks ago doesn't react well with watercolor), I tried out some markers just to see what would happen. I like Copic markers, since they're not water-based--and lo and behold, the inks didn't run. Groovy.
Went and sketched dancers today. As a warm-up we (some fellow sketch adventurers and I) sat in on a modern dance group. Then we spent the remainder of our time in the ballet lab.
Ballet is also pretty groovy--and there were a bunch of characters in there, which was fun.
Mostly just some quick gestures. After spending so much time in a figure drawing class, I am reminded of how much more fun it is to go out and draw real life happening--even if that real life is also sort of a performance.

In other news, Cute Baby loves to dance. I know why you come here, and I try not to disappoint. Here's Sawyer getting down to one of his favorite tunes.


Jenna said...

such a good little dancer! and you're right... i have come to scroll past your scribbles on to little nephew.

but i still like you too.

my request is "chantilly lace and a pretty face and a pony tail hanging down..."

Murphy said...

You're so good. It's unreal

Markham Carroll said...

Dancing babies... better watch out for Blockbuster's advertising department and David Bowie.

Any idea how long the art department holds on to submitted portfolios? I think I'm going to have to resubmit my figure drawings in August since figure drawing classes/sessions apparently don't exist in Sacramento during the summer.

Jake said...

So the whole post is great and all, but the baffled and resigned expression Sawyer wore as he twisted again was the highlight.

Laura said...


What a superb post! Awesome sketches AND Cute Baby all in one! :)

I'm coming to meet this little celebrity this weekend! So make sure he gets enough sleep tonight so that he can be in a good mood when I get there.

REM-Brant said...

Just watched the twisting baby...

"Social services? I have a case for you..."

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