Tuesday, June 24, 2008


So I work at a Flash animation studio called Flash Potatoes here in Provo. We have a lot of fun. For a side project at work we're designing ourselves as superheroes.
Now, anyone that knows anything about me knows I know nothing about superheroes since I squandered most of my childhood reading funny books and not hero books so much. That said, this is by and large a foray into unexplored territory for me--even so, I think this is mildly successful; but more importantly, it's accurate.
I present: The Schnoz! Super powers include: Preternatural Olfactory Perception. Weaknesses include: Stealth and Charisma (-10).
Anyway, it was fun to try out something new. Usually when I draw me as a superhero I just draw regular me, since I feel pretty super most of the time anyway.
And that's today's important lesson.


Laura said...

Where's the bike!?

And the super-sketching powers?

and the cute baby?!?!

i'm sorry, Anothony, but I think this version is grossly misrepresented.

bigteddyt said...

in contradiction, i think it is spot on. you even got ridiculous showing-of-teeth that you do. on a scale from one to perfection, i think achieved blue.

Jake said...

I'd like Jeremy to explain to me sometime what "I think achieved blue" means. Anyway, you got the nose right. Good work.

koryface said...

that's pretty great, anthony. achieved blue for sure. pteradactyl. what?

Rachel B said...

I dunno, I think that pink Spandex suit adds those 10 Charisma points back. Or deducts another 50. I can't remember which.

I am Chree-uz said...

I am left to wonder if your obsession with the nose is because of all dem Nihon-jin's pointing out your obviously non-Japanese face. "Waaaa hana ga okii na!" -tte.

They always pointed out how futotta I had become too.

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