Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Impromptu Sketchcrawl

On Thursday, a group of friends and I went out sketchbooking--it was pretty great because the day happened to coincide with Worldwide SketchCrawl # 19! We had a fun time, even if the first hour or so was spent drawing each other (and making nerdy conversation in which we decided which superhero each of us was most like).
Oh yeah, AND it was Stacey Bethers' birthday! So I drawled her. Jake took care of her superhero self, here.
Then, because we are attached at the hip, Jake and I went to Sam Hawk where he ordered some mysterious Korean dish that he couldn't pronounce (when at a loss, you can always just point at the menu). While we waited, we drew--what else are you gonna do with down time like that?
THEN, I went to a Cubcouts meeting (I was recently volunteered as the Cub Master of our local pack--which is pretty silly when you consider that the extent of my scouting knowledge is limited to burning plastic grocery sacks over a fire and trying to flick the melty plastic bits at friends). But I did get some drawing done!

I saw these interesting folks at church. Can you believe the strange things some irresponsible parents try to feed their young?
Some sketches from earlier in the day--this is of my good friend, Jeff Call. I can't remember which superhero he would be.

This great moment in time happened at a local bus stop. Come to think of it, lots of great moments in time happen at bus stops.


Jake said...

Okay, ten points for your use of the receipt. I hadn't seen those cub-scout sketches. You captured the matriarchal ferocity and bureaucratic pomposity of the thing pretty well.

Way to be.

Clairictures said...

Love the drawings, Anthony!
By the way, what is a sketchcrawl?

Anthony said...

Nice work!

M.R. Weaver said...

Dude, sketch crawl sounds cool, I'll have to do that...
And your stuff is looking radical, man. Keep up the good work!

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