Saturday, June 28, 2008

Now, For Something...New!

Well, here's a small spread of exploration that I've been doing for an upcoming comic short. Hopefully to be ready in time for International Comic-Con in San Diego (less than a month away)!
Everything is sort of up in the air right now, but that's part of what contributes to the zany nature of comic-making that I appreciate so much. I like not knowing. Well, at any rate, this is the direction I seem to be heading in--I hope it turns out fun!


- eric said...

i dig everything... except for the buttons on the girls dress... those might fit a little better lower on the body better.

- eric said...

better. i thought i would better type better better again better.

Chelsea Stebar said...

Oh my that hamster. He is so very special...and square. Nice.

Clairictures said...

Wow, I really like these! I like the sketchiness of it all.
Also, what's the difference between good sketchy and bad sketchy? I got told off the other day for my drawings being sketchy, but then again, you look at artists like Glen Keane and his stuff is the beautiful sketchiness. Comments? Suggestions?

El Fro said...

ooooohhh. Love this. You belong at

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