Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sketches from Churches

Some more sketches from around the world (my world...which happens to be pretty narrow at this point--school, home, church on Sundays).

Today we had a church meeting at the Provo Tabernacle. I liked the line drawring so much that I didn't do a wash over it. This one was done with that same Signo Bit pen with the .18mm line. It's fun...


Clairictures said...

I love the last one, it's fun because I've sat up there on many a Stake Conference and I can recognize the tabernacle in your drawing!

Jake said...

Um, you've gotten a LOT better with your li'l watercolor set. Radical.

Also, Kat was looking at your blog with me and, with a sigh, commented: "I think there used to be more babies on this blog. There should be more babies."

Don't disappoint your loyal readership.

Laura said...

You never cease to amaze, Anthony.

Audrey Gayle said...

hey i recognize that pew haha
nice work- you have great patience with scenery.
So i saw this and thought you might like it- this guy is a great artist who went to miyazaki's place. (The guy currently works at pixar and this is his blog)
in this it shows what miyazaki's office looks like etc. (scroll down a little) enjoy!

Murphy said...

Beautiful! All of it! I love it!

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